Could my husband really be an abuser? Types of domestic abuse–part 2

Tamar weeps

Today we’re continuing our look at types of domestic abuse.

An abuser might refuse to handle his share of family responsibility:

Your abuser might refuse to get a job, to stay employed, or to perform necessary duties on his job (leading to him not getting promoted, not getting pay raises, being disciplined or even being fired). He might have repeatedly quit his job, or have been fired from jobs on multiple occasions.

An abuser may refuse to carry his share of the load around the home, in the marriage or as a parent, in order to force you to wear yourself out, to cause you to fail, to make you unhappy, to manipulate you, or to otherwise cause harm. He may give you too much to do so that he can blame you when you fail to get everything done, or to punish you for not being able to handle things in the…

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