Comet Planet Hercolubus and Our Pineal Gland


Updated Apr 03, 2016

As time collapses into only now, the sooner we expand our awareness, think critically, and intentionally influence the kind of future we want to create from present chaos, the better.

The pineal gland has been an object of great interest regarding consciousness for thousands of years. New data establishes that the DMT-synthesizing enzyme does produce DMT in the pineal.

Scientifically stated, our pineal gland is hyper sensitive to external magnetic fields and radio waves. In other words, it can transmit and receive cosmic signals.

The Great Comet Planet Hercolubus [a.k.a. Barnard Star, PlanetX, Niburu, The Red Planet] rapidly approaching Earth, behaves like a hyper-dimensional entity, existing outside normal parameters of our universe. Hercolubus is extremely impressionable and responsive. In other words, during its cyclical return Hercolubus reflects the vibratory frequency of our consciousness. There is still time to open our minds and hearts…

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